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Welcome to equiclipart.com where all clipart is for immediate download - and you don't have to pay commercial license fees! So when you purchase my graphics, you'll actually be able to use them for websites, templates, logos, letterheads. Stationary, crafts and other items you create for personal use.    

equiclipart.com is the latest outlet for my illustration. My intention is to create a website for horse lovers and people who work in the horse industry providing equestrian art work for sale at competitive prices to use in your personal, business, educational and commercial projects.

The primary objective of equiclipart.com is to provide high quality low cost clipart for sale with the addition of new material on a continuous basis.

equiclipart.com offers customers the ability to instantly download clipart files after checkout.

So, whether you want a new logo or are simply designing your own greeting card, I am sure you will find something to help you.

This is a new site and in the future more original clipart art will be added.

If you don't find what you're looking for then make a request!

equiclipart.com offers secure online payment and instant download


Dianne Breeze       
Equestrian artist

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